I believe that every baby/child and family is unique. What works for one child/family may be the exact wrong thing for another. I look at every piece of the puzzle before creating a plan that is tailored specifically to your family's unique needs.  

Children's sleep issues aren't isolated to the children themselves of course. If your child isn't sleeping there's a strong likelihood one or more members of the family is lacking in the sleep department as well. Tired parents tends to equal parents not 100% on their game and a vicious cycle can ensure. I love working with families to adjust the variables in the equation in order to make sure everyone is getting the restorative rest they need (and deserve)!

I will work with you to establish healthy sleep foundations, which may be contributing to sleep issues before jumping to quickly to implement a specific behavioral approach. 

I will be there to support you and your family along the road to restfulness. I'll be there to pick you up and make adjustments if things go off track, just as I'll be there to celebrate all the victories (big or small) along the way. I can’t wait to help get you, your baby, and your family the sleep you need and deserve!