I could write pages and pages about my three years of sleep deprivation, and all of the things I tried, and refused to try, with my babies. The words “sleep training” and “cry it out” still make me cringe, and I never thought a sleep consultant would be open minded about things like cosleeping. I am so glad I reached out to Callie. I decided to take her up on her offer of a free 15-minute phone consultation. It was obvious to me within the first 5 minutes of that conversation that she could help me. At that time, my baby was waking up 10 times a night, and I was hanging by a thread. After that initial phone call, Callie and I exchanged several emails and texts, and I filled out a detailed 24 Hour Log that she used to create a personalized plan for me. We had a one-hour video phone call to discuss the plan and next steps, and then for several weeks, we communicated by text as I worked on easing my baby toward new sleep habits. Callie was like a life coach in the early days and weeks of this process, constantly encouraging me to stick with the plan and focus on the end goal. As a mom of two girls herself, she truly understands. I never would have followed the plan without her support and reminders every day. I recommend Callie wholeheartedly. My baby is sleeping so much better than before, and I still reach out to Callie from time to time when I need help getting back on track. She is always willing to help me troubleshoot sleep problems with both of my kids, and talking to her is like talking to a friend, because she has been there and she understands. I also want to mention that Callie does not charge an arm and a leg for her services. I thought that all sleep consultants charge exorbitant fees, and because of that, I never seriously considered hiring one. I was thrilled to discover that my single-income family could afford Callie’s fees, and hiring her has been one of the best decisions we made. I only wish I had called her sooner!
— Molly P.
Callie really helped our family out with our nine-month old son (now 11 months). His nights and naps were a mess. I had read the main sleep books (once before when my daughter was a baby, and now again to try to figure out how to fix my son’s sleep) and was just totally turned around. We would sleep train and make some progress and then it would fall apart after a few weeks. Even when we were being consistent. Callie helped us identify the problem. In our case, we were  waiting too long in between his two daily naps, and then putting him to bed too early. Callie had us go back to a three-nap-a-day schedule to get him caught up on sleep and then going to bed a little later. She also made great recommendations on feedings that I hadn’t even thought. He was snacking too much on nursing and then solid meals instead of eating less frequent but more satisfying meals. This plan started showing improvements in his nap and night time sleep within one day. Callie answered SEVERAL texts daily to help with finding the times for naps (taking into account clock time and his sleeping cues). As he got more rest, she helped us tweak times to get us back to two naps in a way that didn’t make him overtired. Her daily support was SO helpful. It was such a relief to have a knowledgeable person tell me exactly what to do and when. Callie is so patient and knowledgeable. I wish i had contacted her earlier!
— Beth R.